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Membership at the La Crosse Club has many benefits, including:

Membership applications can be downloaded and mailed to:

250 Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, WI 54601. 

Or email to

There is no application fee.

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The La Crosse Club has membership categories to fit every need. All membership categories provide access and signing privileges for the member, the member’s significant other and dependents through the age of 25.

Individual Membership

Limited to 150 individual members. Annual dues are $1000.

Members receive:

Scholar and Residency Membership

Limited to persons who qualify as students, especially those with a focus in “leadership” oriented programs such as med-school or a residency at one of the area hospitals in and around the City of La Crosse. Annual dues are $250.

Members receive:

Corporate Membership

Best plan for organizations with more than one designee. Annual dues are $3,000.

Members receive:

Corporate Memberships can also authorize up to six designees. Designees each have same privileges as Individual Members (e.g. Significant Other & Children). Additional designees are $500. 


Special Memberships

The club sets aside a select number of memberships for individuals and groups on occasion.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are designated by the Board of Governors and no annual fees are required.

Complimentary Membership

Complimentary memberships are granted at the designation of the Board of Governors and no annual fees are required.

Demit Policy

The following is the policy for regular individual and non-resident members:

No demits will be given beyond the third year, and fees listed above may be changed by the Board of Governors’ discretion.

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